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Robyn Hall

Deena gave a great massage. It truly helped to relieve the knots and stress that I had. I really appreciate your work.


Bryan Streeter

Feeling better!

Very professional and thorough I have gained more range of motion in my arm and shoulder. I appreciate your work.


Laura A


Very pleasant and professional. Wonderful experience. Left feeling great! Would definitely go to again. Worked with me in scheduling also.


Michael W

Excellent, Attentive Care

Excellent experience from a truly talented therapist. Very accommodating and willing to work with your schedule. Techniques are second to none. You won't be disappointed.



Wish I could go every day. What a gift to have Deena with her magic touch. Perfect is right as massage is a safe way to heal your body.

Bryan S


Finally some relief

The Perfect Touch Therapeutic Massage I received was great. It did more for me than any of the pain relievers and muscle relaxers I have had to take for the last 2 weeks. I got my first good nights sleep in a long time.

Rachel W



Very professional and clean. I printed out the menu that they offer. Well priced for what is offered. I will be going back.

Mary S


The Perfect Therapeutic Massage

Professional manner, effective service, and personable at all times. Deena provides a perfect service in every way!

Todd S



Deena does a Great job......Fully professional....Fully relaxed my body and worked on my sore back!!!


 Marlys C.

"Once I realized the value of what a truly good massage gives both my body and mind, which happened through Deena Marazas' caring and professional hands and advice, regular massages have become my one, steady care-taking measure for myself. For the last few years, they have been a mainstay even when I felt too busy to take time for myself. I have never regretted that decision. I book my appointments ahead of time, put them on my calendar, and work my busy life around them (rather than stressing to fit them in). There is always at least one appointment booked and on my calendar, and I can always see the date approaching even on the toughest of days!"


Heather Cannon

Great service

As always great service. Clean sheets, a nice environment and you leave feeling refreshed. Easy to access, appointments necessary


Sherry Smith

Post workout massage!

If I were wealthy I'd have a post workout massage with Deena every single time!  LOVE this massage studio!!!


Pat Malone

Great Massage

Deena was fabulous!  She has great touch and great table presence.  I felt very taken care was a great all-around experience!


Wendy Stobbe

Perfect Touch Massage relieves my pain

I have cervical issues that cause me to have neck, head and upper back pain.  I see Deena every 10-14 days to work specifically on those areas.  This helps keep me loosened up and relieves my neck pain.  It is lifesaving for me!!


Crystal Newman

30 min massage

I can always count on Deena to work out all my kinks in my neck and back. She's a life saver! I recommend her to everyone I know.



Love It

I look forward to getting a massage whenever I can! Deena does a GREAT job. If you are looking for a massage therapist, she is the one.


Gloria L

I love her hands!

I so look forward to a massage from Deena. She knows where all the knots are and she works them all out. I feel so soothed and relaxed when I leave.  Thank you so much.



Thumbs Up!

Looking forward to my next massage session. Conveniently located , very relaxing atmosphere. Great job Deena!


Linda Broome


Deena is wonderful at giving a great massage in a relaxing atmosphere. The best I have found in Ponca City!


April  Tackett

90 min massage

It was amazing! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! very relaxing! I drove almost an hour and it was worth it! 


Linda Brown

Take Charge of Your Health

Coping with stress and muscle tension was a real problem for me.  I had been to several doctors and treated the symptoms somewhat successfully with prescribed drugs.  However, the side effects were just NOT acceptable.  Then I found Deena and committed myself to a bi-weekly therapeutic massage.  After several months, I discontinued all medications and attend regular therapy sessions that keep my muscles relaxed and my mind able to cope with life's many curve balls.


Ellan Edwards


Deena's a great & very professional massage therapist & I should know as I am also a massage therapist. I highly recommend Perfect Touch Therapeutic Massage whether it is just for relaxation, for sports injury, for a medical condition like fibromyalgia or arthritis or whatever!Jennifer SPerfect MassageThe atmosphere at Perfect Touch is conducive to relaxing from the heated bed to the dimmed lights and the soothing music.  I always think I'm "ok" until Deena starts hitting the hotspots then I realize it's been too long since my last massage.  Everyone should pamper themselves and a massage from Deena should be at the top of the list!


Lisa S

massage services

I love my massage therapist Deena. She does a wonderful job and makes me very comfortable.  I feel dramatically better and have more energy and sleep better.  My aches and pains are greatly reduced.


Ponca City Teacher

Better than Physical Therapy!

Excellent as always! I have been a client of Perfect Touch for over three years now and the result is always amazing! Thanks so much for your professionalism!


Heather Cannon

I found my piece of heaven in planet earth at Perfect touch

This is truly the place to go for a great professional massage.  It is conveniently located in the center of Ponca City.     Deena has been doing my massage more than 5 years,  She does great work and I always leave filling refreshed. She knows how to relax mind & soul and how to relax tired muscles. She has really soft & firm hands. I love the way she works on my body and put exactly pressure what I need it.



Excellent Experience!

Such a Gem! The massage studio is very relaxing & clean! I researched before scheduling with Deena to confirm she is a certified massage therapist. My headache was completely gone upon getting off the massage table. I've rescheduled & can't wait to try a 90 min session!


wendy stobbe

The BEST massage ever!!!

I have cervical issues and her amazing massages keep me from having headaches! Life-changing for me!


 Lisa S.

I love my massage therapist Deena. She does a wonderful job and makes me very comfortable. I feel dramatically better and have more energy and sleep better. My aches and pains are greatly reduced.


Keith C.

I have been a client at Perfect Touch with Deena now for going on 10 months. I have severe chronic pain caused by arthritis and nerve damage in my feet and legs that doctors could not treat by medications or other therapies. Along with my other aches and pains, I call Deena my “Pain Reliever”. She has improved my symptoms drastically and has given me relief by her techniques where no one else could or cared enough to try. She is constantly keeping me informed with her knowledge about ways to help me with my situations. I am very comfortable with her and get treated with courtesy and respect every time I am there. Her reasonable rates allows me to be there 2 times a week. Her professionalism and care is far above the rest. I have searched for a therapist that is a “Pain Remover” and I have found it with Deena. I recommend her 10 times over. She does have the “Perfect Touch"


 Eric C.

I appreciate the work you have done with me over the past few months. Your exceptional massage skills have given me considerable relief from long-term upper back pain and chronic headaches that had not responded to medication or traditional physical therapy. You have also shared very helpful techniques for responding to specific stressors in my life. Thank you for all that you do!


Kathy C.

My experience was great. The whole place had a very relaxing atmosphere that put me at ease the minute I walked in the door. I will definitely be back and tell friends about my experience.


Maggie M.

I feel much better this morning! Thank You for your wonderful hands!


Amy C.

Excellent as always!I have been a client of Perfect Touch for over 3 years now. The end result is always AMAZING!

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